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Simple ways to relieve your stress and find your happy.

Stress is bad – or is it? Interestingly, researchers have found evidence that suggests that some stress is actually good because it can help us cope better with life’s events. But too much can be detrimental. If you feel that you’ve exceeded your stress quota lately, try these simple stress management activities designed to curb your worries:

Jot it down

Go play

Move your body

Practice mindfulness

Take a forest bath

Drink hot tea

Reach out to a loved one.

1. Jot it down 

Transferring stressful thoughts from your head onto paper can help you take stock of the things that bother you the most. Consider spending a few minutes each day writing in a stress journal. Record key information about stressful events, including time of day, your reaction, and how you coped. After a couple of weeks, examine your journal to determine patterns that can help you identify triggers and solutions that may help you feel better.

2. Go play

If you’re feeling stressed, find your happy by doing something just for fun. Catch a funny movie, revisit a hobby you’ve always loved, or initiate a regular game night with friends or family. No matter the activity, you can relieve your stress by making time to let your inner child come out to laugh, create, or just feel good.

3. Move your body 

The benefits of exercise extend far beyond physical fitness. In addition to boosting your heart rate, regular aerobic activities, such as swimming, walking, dancing, and cycling, also help your body release endorphins that can make you feel less stressed and more positive.

4. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness experts suggest that focusing completely on everything you’re doing can help reduce stress and worry. You can even turn everyday activities, like eating and drinking, into a mindfulness practice by thinking about the taste, texture, and aroma of each food or beverage as you consume them. Simple moments of mindfulness throughout your day can make you feel calmer and happiest

5. Take a forest bath

Forest bathing, or spending time outdoors in the woods, is a Japanese trend that’s catching on in the U.S. Studies have shown that those who immerse themselves in nature tend to relax more, have lower blood pressure and stress-causing cortisol levels, and get sick less often. Research suggests that interacting with nature can relieve your stress by giving you a new perspective on any challenges you may be facing in your life.

6. Drink hot tea

Sitting quietly with a cup of hot tea can help you manage your stress by allowing you to take a break to relax and unwind. Look for tea blends, like linden, green, and chamomile that may have natural properties that can help you keep stress at bay.

7. Reach out to a loved one

If worrisome thoughts are racing through your head, call a friend or family member to talk about your concerns. Leaning on those you trust for advice, comfort, and reassurance can do wonders to reduce your stress levels.

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