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Sings your relationship is dead


signs you're in a dead-end relationship

When a relationship can be saved and when it's time to call it quits...

Do not force it you will be hurted a lot 

So, what are the signs of a dead-end relationship? We asked the experts for practical tips to guide you through:

Sign 1: Lack of respect

Respect plays a vital role in a relationship because it shows that each personunderstands the other and doesn't charge through boundaries. If one of you constantly belittles or questions what the other says and does, then "a boundary violation is occurring," warns Annie Bennett, psychotherapist and author of The Love Trap.

'Behaviour like this is a sign that one person has stopped acknowledging the other's values and no longer accepts that person for who they are,' adds Bennett. This is bad news because without respect, love alone can't hold a relationship together.

Sign 2: No time for each other

Channelling your free time into something that's not connected to your partner is a sign you've lost interest in your relationship. No partnership can survive without a time investment from both sides.

'Excessive commitment to distractions that take a person away from giving energy to a relationship is another sign that your relationship is stuck and in need of help,' says Bennett. Distractions could include anything from hobbies and sport to computer games.

Sign 3: Incompatible goals

You want more children, he doesn't. He wants marriage, you don't. You'd like to live abroad, he wants to stay put. Incompatible goals in a relationship can be as vast as these or as small as one of you wanting to spend more time together and your partner wanting more space.

In some cases, having mismatched goals is a sign you need to be more open with each other and improving communication can be enough to put things back on track. In other situations, they are a sign of problems that cannot be overcome. Ultimately, it comes down to whether you can find a middle ground that you're both happy with.

Sign 4: Boredom reigns

You're fed up, you have nothing to say to each other and have fallen into a routine worthy of a couple who have been together forty years or more.

'All relationships go through a stagnant stage, partly because developing a routine with a partner is comforting in the early stages of a relationship,' says Williams. 'If the routine lasts too long and couples don't make an effort to change the status quo on a regular basis, boredom will set in.'

Sign 5: Bickering and fighting

Constant petty bickering tends to be a habit couples fall into to avoid larger, more painful issue.

'Arguing all the time doesn't necessarily mean your relationship has hit a dead end,' says Bennett. 'It depends on what you're arguing about and the nature of your fights.'

Angry and abusive fights show that consideration and thoughtfulness have disappeared from your relationship.

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